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Filming has now wrapped on Terry Finocchiaro's latest short piece "Once Belonged" and it is currently in the post production phase.

This year I was asked to do the poster composites for the film so arranged a shoot with the 3 main cast members who will be appearing on the IMDB cover.

The lighting was in place already so I thought I may as well grab a few head shots for promo while they were all there.

Below are the Black/White samples from the 3 main actors in the production.  Amie Smith (Sandra), Sam Pini(Anna) and appearing in his second role for Sienna productions is Giacomo Pandini (Nat)

It will be a few months yet before the film is ready for the independent circuit, it is in the final stages of packaging to send ready to have the musical score composed and written for it.

From L-R Sam Pini, Giacomo Pandini, Amie Smith
Sam Pini
Giacomo Pandini Amie Smith

The film's IMDB stub is up for anyone keeping an eye out for updates, you can find it at this link:

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