Ellen Musk

Ellen Musk is one of those girls who can mix it with the best of the boys at the track. Don't let the feminine looks fool you, Ellen is not only a fan of fast paced motor sports, she is also a regular driver at the drag racing events at Darwin's Hidden Valley Drag Strip.

The bubbly pocket rocket, although heavily into motorsports and the motorsports lifestyle still finds time to do some work in front of the lens and away from the scene altogether. Most of Ellen's time away from the track is spent working, or when it is off racing season she will usually be found competing in the swimwear and lingerie events up and down the east coast of Australia.

As much at home as she is in a pair of comfortable boxers and a singlet it is lucky for us that she doesn't mind the occasional makeover for a lingerie shoot in the studio.

Ellen Musk Ellen Musk Ellen Musk
Ellen Musk Ellen Musk
Ellen Musk Ellen Musk
Ellen Musk Ellen Musk
Ellen Musk Ellen Musk
Keep an eye out for Ellen in the near future, she is going from strength to strength and improving at her race skills continually. You can follow her progress and that of other local NT motorsports personalities over at our website www.highrpm.com.au

Originally published as Ellen Musk Model and Drag Racer

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